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Mic Dahl 

BCF brings genuine heart to care for mental health and I hope it shows. A strong foundation is made with the blood, sweat and tears of hard work and I’m grateful for the laughter we had as well while creating.


Blank Canvas Foundation makes room for both young budding artists as well as an open space for topics surrounding mental health to be brought out into the open.

Rebecca Veraldi

BCF apparel and items remind me that it is okay and normal to feel all of your emotions. We all do, and they are all temporary.

Cole Sibus

I am supporting this brand to help out the people who need Love.

Dana Morris

I personally have been very moved by the message of Blank Canvas.  I love the honesty of "its OK to feel"... and the message that our feelings and responses to what we are going through are valid. More people need to hear this message. 


@llilbill on Instagram

One of my favorite images would be this one. It tells me no matter how much you are alone in a dark space, your imagination can always run wild with positivity. In todays world it would seem that some would forget we are in control especially when it comes to mindset. This image speaks volumes on top of Volumes and shows so much what our own mind is capable of. So once again, No matter how dark of a space your in, Your mind can create beautiful & amazing thoughts that would make the earth shake!


Katie Bush

Blank canvas foundation has always reminded me it’s okay to feel. Being aware and working on improving your mental health is important for everyone. Being able to own something that’s a visual reminder that’s it’s okay to feel has helped to put a smile on my face and reassure my feelings.

Evan Lewis

I love this piece because it always reminds me that where you are now is not where you’ll always be. It’s ok to be hopeful about where your life is heading

Kathryn Holguin

Blank Canvas Foundation has a passion for normalizing mental health struggles. As a mental health professional, I have seen first hand, how knowledge, understanding and compassion offer hope to a world that needs answers. Allowing others to find safety and comfort as they own their mental health struggle is what Blank Canvas Foundation is all about. When I wear a sweatshirt that says “It’s Okay to Feel Broken” I allow others to connect with me in a way that is unique. It feels safe for them to be vulnerable. No matter what the struggle is, we can face anything together. It is my hope that you will be a part of Blank Canvas Foundation, because we are better together.