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Who We Are.

Blank Canvas Foundation is a Southern California based causal brand and community organization centered on creating artwork, apparel, and accessories based on mental health, self-identity, and personal transformation.
Our mission is to help you Get To Know Your Inner Hero and realize It's Okay To Feel.


Harrison Morris - Artist, Founder

California State University, Fullerton, BA in Cinema & Television Arts. Born and raised in Orange County, Southern California. Deep interest in Storytelling, Branding, Psychology, Depth PsychologyArt, Mental Health, and Transformation.  

Website: blankcanvas.foundation Instagram: @harrisonmorris.bcf




Get To Know Your Inner Hero. - Text

Blank Canvas Foundation Logo

It's OK To Be Vulnerable.

It's Okay To Feel Silly

Be Mindful Of Your Environment Raw Concept

All Blank Canvas Foundation Concepts

Chris Dahl - Artist

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Southern California Christopher Dahl has been practicing art his whole life. He attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to receive a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Currently Chris mostly works in colored pencil and digital art. Sense graduating he has been living in Mammoth Lakes tearing it up on the slopes. He has started to substitute teach in off seasons.
Website: greydahl.myportfolio.com Instagram: @greydahlart 


Blank Canvas Foundation Logo

Blank Canvas Foundation Brand Symbol

Fill Your Cup First

Be Mindful Of Your Environment

It's Okay To Feel

It's Okay To Feel Lost - Text

It's Okay To Feel Alone

Walking On Eggshells

Paint Your Own Canvas!

Blank Canvas Family Portrait

Substance ≠ Substitute: Smoke

Substance ≠ Substitute: Entertainment

Substance ≠ Substitute: Entertainment Concept

Mic Dahl - Artist

Mic Dahl has been drawing for so long and he can’t stop. He’s a generous artist creating many of the graphics and all the motion graphics for the “It’s Okay to Feel” Collection. He makes a bell pepper and egg casserole to write home about; he’s the creator of the resourceful brands of ‘It Begins’ and ‘Rolling Hills Productions’. You can support and learn more about Mic Dahl and his works at micdahl.com



Circle of Hope

Get To Know Your Inner Hero.

It's Okay To Feel Lost

It's Okay To Feel Hopeful

Hopeful Monarch Metamorphosis

It's Okay To Feel Joy

It's Okay To Feel Joy Blue Birds

It's OK To Be Vulnerable.

It's Okay To Feel Broken, Confused, Vulnerable - Text

Darrell Bloom - Artist, Mentor

I am an eternal optimist when it comes to my daily approach to life and belief system. I actually enjoy the challenge of constantly striving to improve upon every aspect of life. I have been extremely fortunate to work with other very talented artist, designers, film makers, digital engineers, producers, and so forth. I have co-founded several creative agencies and worked for large pr firms and entertainment agencies.
Website: www.darrellbloomcreative.myportfolio.com 
Instagram: @darrell_william_bloom


It's OK To Feel Vulnerable

Michaela Moffett - Artist

Michaela Moffett is a fine artist based in Fullerton, California and works full-time in her studio as an instructor and painter, selling her artwork worldwide. She began her art journey at age 7 when she attended her first art lesson and continued her studies through college. At California State University, Fullerton, Michaela graduated summa cum laude with a B.F.A. in drawing and painting. During her time there, she had the opportunity to study one year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and California State University, Florence, where she created a complete body of work in oil paint. Several works from this series were then displayed in an international show involving student artists from all over the world at California State University, Florence. Since graduation, Michaela has continued to develop her love of painting through teaching and working as a full-time artist in her studio, focusing on stretching the limits of representational painting through slight abstraction of color and shape. She is interested in understanding how to bridge the gap between traditional and representational ideas of painting, and modern ideas of shape making and color theory by representing naturalistic environments in a more abstracted manner.

Website: www.michaelamoffet.com Instagram: @Moffettstudio


It's Okay To Feel Confused

Anthony Lukvec - Artist

Anthony Lukvec is a freelance Artist who discovered a passion for art through “street art”. He established an interest in art making naturally as a Native living in Los Angeles. The diversity amongst the peers he grew up with inspired the beginning of a fun hobby. He documents his daily experiences through his art, to capture events as he sees them and shares with others through his drawings and paintings. Anthony mainly draws and paints on paper, he enjoys the handmade finished product. He continues to pursue his love of art in all forms.


It's Okay To Feel Broken (Pencil // Kintsugi)

It's Okay To Feel Fear (Coming Soon)


I create fine art under the pseudonym, NIGHTSHADE.  I identify my work as Outsider Art, which can be described as primitive, self-taught, and not associated with traditional art institutions.   Using mixed media and sumi ink, my works are built around shattered fragments of memory, color, media, and history.  Movement, rhythm, and collaging are important elements utilized within my practice.  I am gestural, bold, and performative with my lines and ink washes.  Innately drawn to the Abstract Expressionists of the 1950’s, and the concept of the “medium as subject,” the expressiveness of these artists shape my visual language.  Personally, I am heavily influenced by the aesthetics of Joan Mitchell, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Byzantine art.  Purposely, my art is not reflective of the natural world.  Exploring and commenting upon the human and spiritual state creates a gateway which impacts the viewer.

Website: www.nightshadearts.com Instagram: @nightshade__arts 





Heart and Mind

Align Heart and Mind

sadparty - Artist

One of the things I love most about art is the ability to express a lot with a little. Anything from simple expressive line work to the choice of colors in an artwork can say a lot. I’m a graphic designer and so a lot of the rules of design are merged with my simple style in these digital pieces. This series was made in the process of me finding my identity as an artist through different art styles. I don’t like to put labels or explanations to my work to leave it up to the viewer. I hope you can connect to these pieces. Instagram: @sadparty.png

sadparty Art

Take A Break


Heart Holding

Everyone Is Going Through Something

Void Collection:




The Mask


Falling Apart


Fill The Void

XCES - Artist

Born and raised in Santa Ana, Califas in the 92707 zip code, XCES has experienced everything to earn his stripes. XCES saw things he shouldn't have growing up in the city of gun smoke. XCES at the age of 12 would walk through an alley cluttered with graffiti in order to get to school, and he would often think “How ugly is this!?” A few years later he picked up a spray can from his garage and sprayed his first ever tag in the same alley he used to walk through as a youngster. It only took one time for XCES to realize this was his calling. Whether it was skipping school or sneaking out in the middle of the night you could find XCES posted in Santa Ana’s most run down barrios, alleys, sewer tunnels, freeway underpasses, and train tracks. As XCES sprayed his name through the years he has seen more than his eyes could ever imagine. XCES was at a crossroads in his adolescent life, and though graffiti is still a crime it was a better option then everything and anything else his homies chose. XCES is a graffiti artist and educator empowering his viewers through his art and life stories.
Linktree: XCES Instagram: @xcesthewitnes


It's OK To Feel Broken Street Art

Lee Christman - Artist 

Lee has been a Carpenter and Artist for 30 years. After attaining several degrees from the School of Hard Knocks, he has developed techniques to create a canvas for other artists to play on. When Lee is not working on a film, he likes to stay and play under the trees.  Instagram: @xmanink
Lee and I on set of Love in Country in Arkansas.


It's OK To Be Alone